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Temple City Church exists to represent Christ well. Our goal is to show people who Jesus really is by being the most loving, missional, and serving church that we can possibly be. We believe God has called us to be the light of the world and a city on a hill that cannot be hidden! (Matthew 5:14)

LOVING: TCC is a place where you will feel loved. No matter who you are, what you've been through, who you've hurt along the way, or who's hurt you, you will be loved. You can truly come as you are because we believe God will take you as you are, and will do something incredible in and through you. 

MISSIONAL: TCC is not a country club, but a church that is on mission for Jesus Christ. Our mission is to see broken people restored, the captive set free, the lost found, the addicted recovered, and the spiritually dead made alive in Christ. This is why we have Recovery Alive and Temple City Dream Center. We are about the mission. 

SERVING:  TCC is about our community. We believe in being the hands and feet of Jesus by doing the work it takes to serve those around us. Whether it be through homeless outreaches, free meals, prayer, our clothing closet, or various other events, serving is in our DNA. It's who we are. 

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