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Temple City YTH is our middle school and high school ministry. We want students to know this: You're Seen, You're Heard, and You're Loved. We meet on Sunday nights from 4pm-8pm. Doors open at 4pm where students can play basketball, 9 square in the air, video games, talk to their friends, and more. Then we serve dinner (and sometimes ice cream!) followed up by service with student led worship, a relevant message from God's word, and then crews (small groups.) We want students to have fun, connect with other students, and most importantly- know Jesus. Come hang with us! 


Meet us on Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm to dive deeper into scripture with out midweek bible studies. Middle school meets in Mobile Unit 2, and High school meets in Mobile Unit 3. This is the perfect opportunity for students to grow in their faith, knowledge of the Bible, and community. 

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